We use experienced pet delivery agencies to get your puppies delivered to you at your door step.

You do not need to worry about transportation because we do the arrangement and you pay for the delivery.

1. Delivery time

Depending on your location we do same day delivery but the buyer pays for the delivery fees.

The normal delivery time is 24 hours from the day the order was placed. However, a customer can still make a purchase and wants the puppy to be delivered later, you should just simply notify us so that we know when exactly we can ship your puppy to your house or address of the person you want to receive the puppy.

2. Payment

The buyer has to pay the full amount of the puppy and the delivery charges before the puppy is delivered to you. We mostly ask our

3. Confirmation

When you puppy is delivered to you. You should please send us a confirmation to let us know you have received your puppy in good health. However, if it is not exactly want you ordered for, we will gladly exchange your puppy or if the puppy has any problem, please let us know or still visit the health guarantee to know what to do.